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Dewsbury Adult Taekwondo Classes

Beginner Adult Taekwondo Classes Enrolling In April

Kick Those Extra Pounds And Learn Taekwondo At Kokoro Academy of Martial Arts!

Available for ages 12 and beyond, Kokoro Academy's Adult Taekwondo is programed for success. Our excellent instructors will work personally with each student to help them achieve their goals, while getting them in the best physical shape of their life and building their self confidence because they know how to defend themselves in any situation. 

Moving beyond the basic understanding of Taekwondo, Kokoro Academy's Adult Taekwondo Classes teach the theory behind the punches and kicks and teach you real life applications of the Martial Art of Taekwondo. 

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What You'll Learn at Dewsbury adult taekwondo

  • Taekwondo
  • Effective Punches and Kicks
  • Practical Self Defence

Benefits of Dewsbury adult taekwondo

  • Better Health and Fitness
  • Real Life Applications

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