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  • Prestige Winner of Martial Arts Academy of the year 2021 for West Yorkshire

    Following on the back of being names The Prestige Self Defence Academy of the Year award for West Yorkshire 2020 Winner, 2021 also saw the Academy be nominated for another business award, this time under the Martial Art Academy Of The Year Award for West Yorkshire. We are extremely proud to announce that we were named the Winner in this category for 2021. Again none of this is possible except through the hard work of the Instructors, the staff and the students. We look forward to seeing what 2022 holds in store, now that we are back to some kind of normality with training. Kokoro Academy Winner of The Prestige Martial Arts Academy of the Year Award 2021 for West Yorkshire. ....

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  • Winner 2020 Prestige Self Defence Training Centre of the Year

    Prestige Award 2020 Self Defence Training Centre of the Year for Leeds and West Yorkshire 2020 has certainly been a different type of year. This year was the Academies 25th Anniversary and what we hoped would be a year of celebrations has resulted in a year of survival. This has certainly been one of the hardest years we have had as an Academy, and we are fortunate to have some great people who have supported the Academy this year and all the preceding years. We have not until this moment acknowledged that at the start of the first lock down the academy was recognised by a business organisation. The Academy has been recognized as the 2020 Self ....

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  • Gradings - What are they for?

    Gradings – What are they for? For anyone who has ever taken even a passing note of the Martial Arts cant help but notice that gradings make up an important part of the training. But just what are gradings? And why are they important and are they still relevant in today’s day and age. If we are to look back over the history of Martial Arts, Gradings in the form that we see now are a relatively new phenomenon. In traditional martial arts the transmission of knowledge is a long and timely process, which is signified by the handwritten transition of the school you are studying once you have reached a certain level. Today in the Martial Arts rank is seen as your ....

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  • Which Martial Art is for me?

    Which Martial Art is for me? Which Martial art is for me is a question that we get on a regular basis from prospective students when they first enquire about training. In a lot of ways, the answer is fairly easy, it’s the style that appeals to you the most, and taking part in any Martial Art is better than not doing any training. But is that an answer that will make sense to everyone, and again it is a simple answer, but in this scenario, it is no. If you are presently looking into Martial Arts then there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you start, which will help you in your search.
    What appeals to you about the Martial Arts?
    Who is this for, you ....

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  • The Academy has reverted back to Kokoro Academy of Martial Arts

    After being a part of Premier Martial Arts for the last two years we have made the decision to revert back to being Kokoro Academy of Martial Arts. This has not been an easy decision and in no way reflects on Premier Martial Arts in anyway. This was purely a decision on the direction that we wanted to take the Academy going forward. We thank everyone who we have come into contact with over the last two years and wish them all the best going forward. The Academy and all websites will be going through a complete rebranding over the coming weeks, please bear with us as we make all the necessary changes. Some things like Social Media have already changed, we look forward with excitement to what ....

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  • New Ilkley Location


    Chief Instructor - David M Pawson
    Located At:
    Kokoro Academy of Martial Arts Ilkley The Warehouse Little Lane Ilkley LS29 8HZ
    Contact Information
    Tel:07801697852 Email:
    Facebook: Kokoro Academy of Martial Arts - Ilkley

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  • Time Management

    What Time do we have?
    At the end of the day we all only have a small amount of time in a day to achieve what we want. No matter what we try to achieve, we are limited by 24 hours or 1440 minutes or if you are really into numbers 86400 seconds, seems a lot right? Let's break this down, if on average you get up at 7am, get ready for work, breakfast etc and leave the house at 8am, your now down to 23 hours, your commute to work is an hour, 22 hours, now assuming you only work 8 hours you are down to 14 hours left already, don't forget you have a hour commute home, 13 hours, now you need to prepare your evening meal and more importantly eat it, say in total 1.5 hours, your now down to ....

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  • Hyper Fight Club

    Hyper Fight Club has come to the Academy in Dewsbury. Please watch the video below and contact us for more details. Hyper Fight Club ....

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  • Make up grading day

    This tuesday 13th May at 7:30pm there will be a make up grading for all those who missed their grading day last week. Please be at the academy at 7:20pm as the grading will start promptly at 7:30pm. This grading time is for all styles within the academy that grade, Adult Budo, Little Ninja, Junior Budo, Taekwondo and Kickboxing. The Instructors look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. To all those attempting their next grade we wish you good luck ....

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  • Never Give up

    Great little video on not giving up on achieving anything you want in life, in and outside the Academy ....

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